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I have siblings granted I didn’t k now them growing up. My father has never married but has a total of six children running around.

I have one older sister and three older brothers, and one younger brother. My eldest sister and brother are from the same woman - a prearranged agreement once they were out of school. Iris and Adam are about three years apart. Adam is next in line to be on the Imperordo when my father vacates his post even though he is the second born. Iris is technically of the mother’s line.

My two middle brothers, Tobias and Marius I really know very little about. They were around when I was in school, but they were so far ahead that I barely knew the younger of the pair - Marius.

My younger brother, on the other hand, I knew rather well. He is three months younger than I am. Nick and I were in the same classes on many occasions and we were Chemistry lab partners at one point in our lives.

Iris is the only one who is married. She has two children - Nate and Gloria. I’ve never really met Gloria, but Nate works in the tech department. Adam is like our father, he has 3 children from three different women. Tobias has one child and Marius is expecting his first with his long time girlfriend. Nick and I are childless at the moment. But where Nick and I are similar Nick has a bit of a harder challenge as he does not like women. I do even though I tend to prefer “the company of men.”

I don’t know if my mother has any other children. We were not on speaking terms before, after or during my childhood. For all, I know I have several other half-siblings running around.

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