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What do I believe in? Honestly, things are quite believable. I beleive in monsters and magic, but I don’t believe there is a god or some higher being. The world is a lot stranger than most people think.

I am far more Venatori than I am human in my belief system. As I said I believe in magic and monsters. However, I don’t completely agree with how the Venatori works. In these beliefs, I’m more like other supernatural cults. The Venatori need to be curb in terms of their policing. We aren’t the end and all be all to how the world should run.

I’ve grown up being the odd man out because I was half human. It came with the gig and I didn’t think anything of it until I started hunting myself. I was tasked with going after rogue elements of the supernatural community. Mind you the rules have changed drastically since the Venatori first started doing this. The supernatural creatures have certain rights that everyone agrees to, but even then I don’t think we should be the judge jury and executioner of the supernatural world. Who made us the law?

I live by my views. My kill count over the last three years has been a grand total of 3. That is three times where my life has been in danger and the only way to save my bacon was to kill the creature.

My first mission was to kill a ghost who was murdering people. It started off with the ghost killing their murderer or so we assumed. It ended up in a little girl who killed her parents. It was within my right to kill the little girl. I didn’t. I exorcised her and saved the child. She sends me letters every year now, citing she sees dead people and is helping them move on. Good for her to take up the helm of a medium when the world would tell her she’s crazy.

The supernatural world should have one law, but it shouldn’t be dictated by the Venatori. It should be something everyone agrees on and not just the Venatori’s job to fulfil those judgements. But hey what do I know, I’m just a half human kid who has nothing else going for him.

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