What's in Your Bag

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My life is in my bag. I don’t own much. I am Venatori. Thusly everything that I own is small and personal items. And since I am a hunter, my entire set of belongings are able to carry in one or two bags.

I have a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, several hoodies and the ‘unmentionables’ of course - socks and boxers nothing weird or kinky like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I have a bag with camping gear in it because that’s what I do a lot of. Most other Venatori also have a weapons bag, but my predominate weapon is my magical ability to bend the four elements I only carry a handgun and a hunting knife. I’ve named them because I’m cheesy like that - my Beretta M9 is called Damnation and the survivalist knife I call Salvation.

I own one black suit and a few dress shirts to go with it and a few ties. The rest of my attire is jeans and t-shirts with mostly sarcastic and offensive sayings on them. I also own one black leather jacket which I typically wear over my hoodies when it’s chilly outside.

I always carry a zippo lighter depicting a cowboy hat and lasso on a fence in my pocket. I don’t smoke, but when fire is your main element and you are tired it comes in handy to have something to start a tired bend with.

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