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I could give you what I ate last month on the third if you really wanted to know. I’m pedantic about what I eat, when I eat, where I eat, etc.; it’s one of the many quirks and coping mechanisms I use to get through my day. Think Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang theory except I’m not even half as smart as he is.

So today is a Sunday, that means I had the same thing I have every Sunday.

For breakfast I make a large batch of tomato basil fritatta, it can feed four comfortably, so I can eat it for 4 days - a week if I alternate with straight up bacon and eggs.

For lunch, Sunday brings, grilled chicken salad on rye. I use more avocado than mayo, but I do use some. I always have the salad on hand, and it’s one of the few times I actually eat bread except for when I go out.

Sunday dinner is by far my favorite thing to eat and cook - steak and roasted seasonal vegetables. I don’t make it the same way every single time. It depends on my mood, but it’s always the same type of food. I get anxious if I switch things up too much. Change is a difficult thing to master when your anxiety is triggered by small inconsistencies to regular patterns.

There are always exceptions to the rule which can cause big panic attacks or little ones - really depends how on the fly they are. However I do forget to eat on a regular basis and that oddly doesn’t affect things.

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