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This week is an atypical week. It’s Christmas. Monsters don’t take breaks, but the workings of the human world tend to place certain restraints on things. But I don’t have an active mission this week, so I’m at my mother’s old cabin where I was born and then later left at the age of five.

It is located in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Boulder, Colorado. It overlooks a valley and is pretty remote. I love it despite the fact that it represents a life I didn’t have and in all reality I don’t want now. I’m content in my life as it is even with all the shit that’s happened.

My week is boring. I’m playing host to various other hunters who are on a small respite. One of them is a massive man who doesn’t really like me because I made an “I’m gay” comment. Now he assumes I was hitting on him. But big burly men with bushy beards and lumberjack-ish in size and stature aren’t exactly my taste in men. I prefer my men a little prettier and preferably shorter than me. He’s an old friend of my mothers. He hints that he’s seen the inside of her panty drawer. I think he’s trying to make me uncomfortable.

The other man who is staying at the cabin is quiet and to himself. He’s probably the oldest active hunter I’ve met in the span of my measly 21 years on this planet. His hair is gray and he’s pushing 65. I like sitting around listening to his stories. You can learn a lot from your elders. He also likes listening to my stories - he’s repeatedly asked me to tell him about my first dragon encounter. He was very surprised to hear that human form dragons can still breathe fire.

The last person staying with us is a woman of about 30. She wants nothing to do with me despite the amount of flirting I’ve done. I think she’s friends with lumberjack man.

The four of us have spent the last few nights playing poker. While the money means nothing to us as it’s just fake poker chips standing in for money. It’s been a fun few nights watching the older hunters do their thing. I’m sure they’d like to throw me out the window or something but since it’s technically my cabin in the woods they can’t.

Today Lumberjack man and I actually went out hunting. Not monsters, but plains deer. No one else wanted to go bow hunting. So I pulled a crossbow out of storage and we went hunting. To lumberjacks surprise I pulled down a deer with one shot from a distance he thought I’d miss. I didn’t tell him I kinda cheated. The arrow flew true because of my magic. It wasn’t assisted in flight but aim and direction and the wind and the like I can determine better because of my ability. My eyesight is already pretty keen, but I can do so much more with my ability.

Friday we’ll spend Christmas telling stories with some egg nog and a crackling fire. They’ll make calls to their loved ones and I’ll sit back and just be me. There is no family to call, no presents to exchange. Nothing but another day to me. Just another boring week in my life.

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