Getting Dressed

Getting dressed in the morning was never overly difficult for me. It’s not like I had a closet full of clothes to choose from. As a child everything I owned was given to me by the Venatori - specifically from Dae’lin or Mr. Lance. My mother never sent anything. I came with what she’d packed for me and as I grew up things needed to be replaced so I rarely had anything in style. I got what was functional.

It wasn’t until I went through my Ad Aetatum that I was able to start buying my own things. I probably had more clothes now than I’d ever had as a kid. But by most people’s standards a duffle bag full of clothes was hardly exotic.
I was thankful that my OCD didn’t extend to being a complete neat freak. My clothes were neatly folded, but I was not compelled to be wrinkle free or wear things in a certain order.

I wore about the same thing everyday - a pair of jeans over a pair of boxers, a t-shirt usually sporting some sarcastic saying. It was rare that I wore something that wasn’t speaking my mind. Over the offensive t-shirts I wore one hoodie or another. The long sleeves and the hood had become a sort of safety net - something I used to hide myself in.

There were a few accessories I wore but usually only when hunting. Inside the compound or at home I tended not to and I preferred to go bare feet if I wasn’t out and about - was simpler that way.


My Writing Notebook

I have every intention of sharing my story bibles with the world. I actually have done so many times over the course of my writing but never actually keep it up. I’m doing things a little differently this go around. And I have far greater plans for it than just a background information on my worlds.

My Writing Notebook will soon have actual data that you can sift through and read about both The Venatori and A Dark Journey. Right now there is nothing there as I have to add front matter to all the pages. So it’ll be a fun walk in the park getting A Dark Journey up todate.

I hope that my story bible will one day be interactive with the stories I write. But that is a very large task to undertake and keep writing at the same time. Too many hobbies not enough time.

NaNoWriMo This Year

I will be doing NaNo this year. I have a family vacation planned for a week of it and I still beleive I can manage it. That is the power of writing daily - or near daily.

I’m not 100% certain what I’ll be writing - either installment #2 of the Venatori or The Early Chronicles of Nox’s life. I will likely continue with #2 because I’ve been plotting that out and am confident I can spew out the words for NaNo. I know all the back story of the Early Chronicles but those are mostly shorts and I tend to stall on that type of information.

Good Luck to everyone participating.