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Introduce myself? Who am I introducing myself to, because it matters in which fashion I would do it? Living a sharded life is easy to keep straight if you know exactly who you are talking to. Thankfully that’s a fairly easy assumption for me to make. In a Venatori compound, my name is Nox Sétanta and I am a hunter. To the real world, to everyone else who is not privy to the world I live in, my name is Nox. I’m a good-for-nothing kid who fancies himself a private investigator of sorts. At least, that’s what I tell my human friends what I do. It’s the closest thing that comes to the full truth of the matter.

I hunt monsters for a living.

I am half human, half Venatori living in the world of the supernatural. You all think the things that go bump in the night are myths and legends but what you don’t realize is there is truth in those stories. Vampires hunt the darkness. Men that turn into wolves on the full moon and then back again, all very true. But the stores never get it fully right, our world is hidden for a reason, we keep our secrets hidden so the full truth of the matter is unknown to the fragile race called human.

I’d tell you about my family if I actually had one. I mean I was born to a mother, and of a father who I am just not starting to get to know. They all have their families, but neither are mine. I grew up under the ever-watchful eye of the Venatori community. Raised by the whole because I was an unwanted child or so I had thought most of my life and it was only half true - had my father known about me I would have been part of his family for better or worse. But such was not the case.

My youth was plagued with disdain and accomplishments. I was an improbable child even from birth. Born to a mother who was human and who survived my birth - a near impossible task. I was guaranteed to be born Magnus. I sparked at the age of 5 - lit the curtains on fire out of fear. My mother promptly discarded me in Venatori care until I was 18 where she was oh so very proud of her son. At the age of 10, I wielded all four elements at the same time with ease to create a monument of my accomplishments. A feat I’m told is rare and named me Cesari. I was a Master Magnus by the age of 18 and one of the youngest ever to be named such.

My accomplishments made me a target for dislike, but my attitude didn’t help matters any. I had one friend in school, but even that wasn’t a willing interaction at first. But he is and will forever be my best friend and brother. Jace got me through an unprecedented amount of problems while creating completely different ones for me all at the same time.

I graduated third in my class for all my efforts not to shine.

Since graduation I have hunted all sorts of monsters, some leaving me wonderful gifts of scars to tell to would be lovers and acquaintances. Regaling a tale about ghosts or dragons to the Venatori would be fun if it weren’t a common thing. But I enjoy the stories the humans get to hear the best the ones where the old flames lash out with knives and flamethrowers made of hair spray cans and lighters.

So introduce myself I can, just tell me which man you want to know - the liar or the one you wouldn’t believe if he told you the truth.

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