This week

This week is an atypical week. It’s Christmas. Monsters don’t take breaks, but the workings of the human world tend to place certain restraints on things. But I don’t have an active mission this week, so I’m at my mother’s old cabin where I was born and then later left at the age of five.

It is located in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Boulder, Colorado. It overlooks a valley and is pretty remote. I love it despite the fact that it represents a life I didn’t have and in all reality I don’t want now. I’m content in my life as it is even with all the shit that’s happened.

My week is boring. I’m playing host to various other hunters who are on a small respite. One of them is a massive man who doesn’t really like me because I made an “I’m gay” comment. Now he assumes I was hitting on him. But big burly men with bushy beards and lumberjack-ish in size and stature aren’t exactly my taste in men. I prefer my men a little prettier and preferably shorter than me. He’s an old friend of my mothers. He hints that he’s seen the inside of her panty drawer. I think he’s trying to make me uncomfortable.

The other man who is staying at the cabin is quiet and to himself. He’s probably the oldest active hunter I’ve met in the span of my measly 21 years on this planet. His hair is gray and he’s pushing 65. I like sitting around listening to his stories. You can learn a lot from your elders. He also likes listening to my stories - he’s repeatedly asked me to tell him about my first dragon encounter. He was very surprised to hear that human form dragons can still breathe fire.

The last person staying with us is a woman of about 30. She wants nothing to do with me despite the amount of flirting I’ve done. I think she’s friends with lumberjack man.

The four of us have spent the last few nights playing poker. While the money means nothing to us as it’s just fake poker chips standing in for money. It’s been a fun few nights watching the older hunters do their thing. I’m sure they’d like to throw me out the window or something but since it’s technically my cabin in the woods they can’t.

Today Lumberjack man and I actually went out hunting. Not monsters, but plains deer. No one else wanted to go bow hunting. So I pulled a crossbow out of storage and we went hunting. To lumberjacks surprise I pulled down a deer with one shot from a distance he thought I’d miss. I didn’t tell him I kinda cheated. The arrow flew true because of my magic. It wasn’t assisted in flight but aim and direction and the wind and the like I can determine better because of my ability. My eyesight is already pretty keen, but I can do so much more with my ability.

Friday we’ll spend Christmas telling stories with some egg nog and a crackling fire. They’ll make calls to their loved ones and I’ll sit back and just be me. There is no family to call, no presents to exchange. Nothing but another day to me. Just another boring week in my life.

What's in Your Bag

My life is in my bag. I don’t own much. I am Venatori. Thusly everything that I own is small and personal items. And since I am a hunter, my entire set of belongings are able to carry in one or two bags.

I have a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, several hoodies and the ‘unmentionables’ of course - socks and boxers nothing weird or kinky like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I have a bag with camping gear in it because that’s what I do a lot of. Most other Venatori also have a weapons bag, but my predominate weapon is my magical ability to bend the four elements I only carry a handgun and a hunting knife. I’ve named them because I’m cheesy like that - my Beretta M9 is called Damnation and the survivalist knife I call Salvation.

I own one black suit and a few dress shirts to go with it and a few ties. The rest of my attire is jeans and t-shirts with mostly sarcastic and offensive sayings on them. I also own one black leather jacket which I typically wear over my hoodies when it’s chilly outside.

I always carry a zippo lighter depicting a cowboy hat and lasso on a fence in my pocket. I don’t smoke, but when fire is your main element and you are tired it comes in handy to have something to start a tired bend with.

Your siblings

I have siblings granted I didn’t k now them growing up. My father has never married but has a total of six children running around.

I have one older sister and three older brothers, and one younger brother. My eldest sister and brother are from the same woman - a prearranged agreement once they were out of school. Iris and Adam are about three years apart. Adam is next in line to be on the Imperordo when my father vacates his post even though he is the second born. Iris is technically of the mother’s line.

My two middle brothers, Tobias and Marius I really know very little about. They were around when I was in school, but they were so far ahead that I barely knew the younger of the pair - Marius.

My younger brother, on the other hand, I knew rather well. He is three months younger than I am. Nick and I were in the same classes on many occasions and we were Chemistry lab partners at one point in our lives.

Iris is the only one who is married. She has two children - Nate and Gloria. I’ve never really met Gloria, but Nate works in the tech department. Adam is like our father, he has 3 children from three different women. Tobias has one child and Marius is expecting his first with his long time girlfriend. Nick and I are childless at the moment. But where Nick and I are similar Nick has a bit of a harder challenge as he does not like women. I do even though I tend to prefer “the company of men.”

I don’t know if my mother has any other children. We were not on speaking terms before, after or during my childhood. For all, I know I have several other half-siblings running around.

Describe yourself

Ha! You ask a guy with an ego bigger than himself to talk about himself especially describe yourself and you are going to regret it.

Let’s see. Brown hair and eyes. Yeah, not flashy words but it works. Women have told me they are jealous of my eyelashes - long and thick. Okay. I say thanks but just shrug. Granted I probably think pretty highly of them too if they weren’t my own. Despite my words, I’m just an average ordinary guy who likes to pretend there is more there than there actually is.

I have a pair of cross swords tattooed on my right temple - all Venatori do it’s part of our cultish rite of passage. And for me being terrified of needles it was a big deal. I have another tattoo I don’t actually get to see daily on the back of my neck. It depicts the four elements. I got it the only time I’ve been drunk. It was the first and last time I drank too much.

I have a scar on my left check running underneath my eye past the corner of my mouth, ending in a neat point in the middle of my chin. The real story there is a girl who was possessed by a ghost tried to kill me, she obviously missed but left the scar as a souvenir.

I work out - a lot. It’s a coping mechanism as well as the means for me to keep up with true Venatori. Since they are super strong, super fast, it was the healthy lifestyle and the gym that kept me top of my game so I wasn’t bottom rung of every fighting competition I had to deal with throughout school. So the tall skinny kid is not so true, I’m not a wiry fellow anymore, but it takes a lot to maintain what muscle I do have.

I have three more scars I’m proud of and one that I don’t let most people see. There is one that I like to say an ex-girlfriend wolverined me - it’s a series of 3 claw marks ripping across my chest from my right shoulder to my lower left side. It’s a ragged scar caused by a werebear attack. The same attack that killed my mother. Thankfully it didn’t kill me.

I have a scar on my right arm where a vampire took a chunk out of me. That one could have killed me and there’s a long explanation as to why it didn’t. It’s round and looks exactly like you’d think a mark like that might look like - the outline of someone’s mouth wrapped around your arm.

The last of the proud marks is the scar running my left leg - from my knee to my ankle. It’s a great burn mark and if my quick thinking and my magical ability hadn’t put the dragons fire out I’d probably be dead right about now. It’s ugly to look at but it’s probably the one I’m most proud of, and also, the one I learned the most from. Human form dragons can still breathe fire.

The last of my scars runs the entirety of my back. I learned early on how to hide it from any prying eyes with my own magic. ti’s a series of overlaying slash marks across my back. I’m sure you can guess what they are, but I don’t want to talk about it. Not yet anyway.

Your beleifs

What do I believe in? Honestly, things are quite believable. I beleive in monsters and magic, but I don’t believe there is a god or some higher being. The world is a lot stranger than most people think.

I am far more Venatori than I am human in my belief system. As I said I believe in magic and monsters. However, I don’t completely agree with how the Venatori works. In these beliefs, I’m more like other supernatural cults. The Venatori need to be curb in terms of their policing. We aren’t the end and all be all to how the world should run.

I’ve grown up being the odd man out because I was half human. It came with the gig and I didn’t think anything of it until I started hunting myself. I was tasked with going after rogue elements of the supernatural community. Mind you the rules have changed drastically since the Venatori first started doing this. The supernatural creatures have certain rights that everyone agrees to, but even then I don’t think we should be the judge jury and executioner of the supernatural world. Who made us the law?

I live by my views. My kill count over the last three years has been a grand total of 3. That is three times where my life has been in danger and the only way to save my bacon was to kill the creature.

My first mission was to kill a ghost who was murdering people. It started off with the ghost killing their murderer or so we assumed. It ended up in a little girl who killed her parents. It was within my right to kill the little girl. I didn’t. I exorcised her and saved the child. She sends me letters every year now, citing she sees dead people and is helping them move on. Good for her to take up the helm of a medium when the world would tell her she’s crazy.

The supernatural world should have one law, but it shouldn’t be dictated by the Venatori. It should be something everyone agrees on and not just the Venatori’s job to fulfil those judgements. But hey what do I know, I’m just a half human kid who has nothing else going for him.